Open Division

The open division is 2 min and only 1A.


Before Nov 24th – 6 000 HUF / 20 €

After Nov 24th – 9 000 HUF / 30 €

A minimum of 3 registered players are required for the division to be organized.


In case you register you will receive an email asking for the music,  you can only use completely clean versions without any swearing and inappropriate language!

Music upload deadline is Nov 24 (14:00 pm). To help the event go smoother please cut your music exactly 2 min and send it in mp3.

Please bring your music file also to the contest on USB flash drive as a backup. We are not taking responsibility for missing or non-working uploaded music files.

Before uploading your freestyle music file, please rename the file to following format: “Open_Your_Name.mp3”

If the music ain’t exactly 2 minutes we are not taking any responsibility if it stops before your show ends.

And personally I don’t care!